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Lebi Worldwide is a group of several subsidiaries in different but complementary fields. All teams work together to offer a Premium service.

About us

The present & the future…

Lebi Worldwide was born in 2008 from IT services via Lebi Software Group. Today we offer graphic services (Lebi Agency), press analysis and editorial feedback (Lebi Analytics).

Lebi Worldwide is now a major player in communications and analytics services. We don’t hesitate to invest or develop in incredible new projects.

Our subsidiaries

A service among many !

Contact Us

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us.
We can discuss your projects around a delicious cuppa :-)

Brussels : Head Office

  • +32 2 318 48 94
  • Boulevard Bischoffsheim 39/4, BE-1000 Brussels
  • BE 0644.648.736

Brussels : Financial Service

  • +32 2 318 49 62